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With MapHabit, we put individuals before their conditions. For individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), memory loss, or Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias (ADRD)—we’re dedicated to providing person-first support and tools proven to improve well-being. Stop letting your diagnosis define you and start living better today.

use cases for IDD

Achieving Independence for Individuals With IDD

MapHabit helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities stick to healthy, habit-building routines. Add structure to your daily life with step-by-step guides, audio-visual cue maps, and scheduled reminders.


Plan daily activities, such as getting ready for school and attending classes

Break down complex tasks, like doing laundry, into easy-to-follow, bite-sized steps

Improve emotional regulation with mindfulness and calming exercises


Personalized audio, visual, and video step-by-step maps

Social Skills maps to work on interpersonal skills in various settings

Engage Spark activity kit with exercises to improve motor skills, posture, and more (optional add-on)

Use cases for ADRD

Personalized Support for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias

When someone receives an ADRD diagnosis, it changes their life and the lives of all those around them. MapHabit helps take the guesswork out of your care plan and provides personalized maps for enhanced health.


Get support for daily living activities, such as morning routines, with step-by-step audio-visual maps

Keep your mind and body strong with curated exercises and activities, like trivia and stretching

Educate care partners with learning maps about specific dementias, brain changes, challenging situations, and more


Cue maps with sequential instructions, supported by audio, images, and videos

A schedule to set medication reminders and other essential prompts

Paper-based option for printable maps and activities

use cases for TBI

Get Back on Track After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Sustaining a brain injury or stroke can change everything. MapHabit helps you regain control of your life and elevate your cognitive abilities with step-by-step guides and calendar reminders to manage your daily routine.


Improve fine motor skills and coordination with activities for hand strength and overall balance

Regain self-confidence with cue maps to guide you through your daily routine

Schedule reminders for important appointments, medications, and tasks


A calendar to track everything from your morning routine to your OT appointments

Audio-visual and video maps that outline everyday tasks piece by piece

Connections tab to easily connect with healthcare professionals and support partners in your circle

use cases for Memory support

Engaging Individuals Seeking Memory Support

Even without a specific diagnosis, many older adults are looking to add more structure and support to their daily lives. MapHabit helps maintain and build healthy habits with easy-to-follow cue maps.


Follow along detailed cue maps to give you confidence for daily tasks, like going to a doctor’s appointment

Stimulate mind and body with visual memory games, word scrambles, and physical exercises

Support care partners with learning maps about dealing with challenging situations and brain changes


Step-by-step paper-based or digital maps with audio, visuals, and video that break down daily tasks

Learning maps for care partners to understand how to best provide fundamental support

Scheduling capabilities for setting medication reminders, organizing your day, and more

use cases for neurodiversity

Building Autonomy for Neurodiverse Individuals

Neurodiversity looks different for everyone—it’s used to describe differences in the way people’s brains work. Neurodiverse individuals, such as those with Autism, ADHD, learning differences, and more, have diverse strengths, challenges, and perspectives. MapHabit supports diversity with guided audio-visual maps designed with each user’s unique needs in mind.


Build consistency in daily routines by scheduling routine tasks, like showering, at the same time each day

Visually map out each task during your work day to improve organization and efficiency

Make life transitions easier by breaking big goals into step-by-step maps


Customizable maps—add your own text, audio, video, and imagery for maximum effectiveness

Calendar tab for organizing your day into easier-to-tackle pieces

Engage Spark activity kit with mindfulness, balance, posture, and strength exercises (optional add-on)

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