Live Your Best Life With MapHabit

Access educational content and ongoing support that’s fully customized to your needs, helping you navigate daily challenges and gain independence.

the maphabit advantage

Benefits for Self-Advocates

Create Healthy Routines

Establish and maintain daily routines, including activities like meal planning, exercise, and self-care, with the MapHabit platform.

Boost Your Autonomy

Become more self-reliant with audio-visual and video cue maps that help with managing tasks, making decisions, and engaging in daily activities.

Develop Life Skills

Improve your daily skills such as time management, organization, goal-setting, and problem-solving so you can boost your self-reliance.

Enhance Quality of Life

By fostering healthy habits, independence, and self-care, the MapHabit program is proven to increase your emotional, social, and physical well-being.

Results & Outcomes

Designed With You in Mind


Improved Independence

Become significantly more self-sufficient with MapHabit’s customizable schedules and routine-building audio-visual cue maps.


Improved Quality of Life

Enhance your overall well-being and feel more empowered to take on daily activities without assistance.


Maps in the MapHabit Library

Access MapHabit's pre-built and fully customizable library of healthy habit-building maps.

How It Works

Change Your Day-to-Day Life With MapHabit

Build Healthy Routines

Boost Your Independence

Develop Essential Skills

Enhance Your Well-Being


Choose Your Solution

Select which MapHabit bundle works best for you—our tablets and purpose-built activity kits can be used by individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD), autism, neurodiversity, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and more.


Get Onboarded as a Member

Fill out a questionnaire and our team will walk you through a wellness review, personalizing your MapHabit content.


Start Using MapHabit

Based on your unique needs, schedule, and ideal routines, we’ll suggest maps and programs to help you reach your goals.


Receive Ongoing Support

Have questions along the way? Our team is here to help! Whether you have an idea for a new map or want to share how you use MapHabit, we’re always happy to hear from you.


How MapHabit Helps Individuals Like You

Grace Hudson


“I wash my face, brush my teeth, and put the towel up to dry [with MapHabit]. I want to do more maps!”

Cyndy Hund


"It’s helpful that the MapHabit activities have audio along with text, so I can read the steps while listening to them. That helps a lot."

Bobbi Jo Cavazos


"I have early-onset Alzheimer’s, and I also have a traumatic brain injury. MapHabit is very stimulating—it gave me a reason to wake up every morning and create a good habit."

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