Discover MapHabit's Scalable Digital Health Solutions

Reduce healthcare costs and provide personalized support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), as well as individuals living with Alzheimer's Disease and related dementias (ADRD).

Our Solutions for Payers

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Improve Health Outcomes

Cater to your members’ cognitive support needs and well-being with engaging, habit-supporting tools tailor-made for them.


Quality of Life Improvement

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Increase Cost Savings

Reduce healthcare costs and minimize the need for intervention with MapHabit’s personalized coaching, purpose-built activity kits, and audio-visual cue maps.


Independence Improvement

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Our Solutions for Providers

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Enhance Member Engagement

Motivate your members to effectively manage their health by giving them personalized tools and easy-to-follow audio-visual and video maps that increase their independence.


Maps in the MapHabit Library

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Optimize Your Resources

Use your time wisely with tools and guides that allow you to address each specific member’s needs, leading to more efficient care and less frequent hands-on assistance.


Reduced Care Partner Burden

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How MapHabit Makes a Difference for Our Members

Carolyn Niles

Long-Term Care Professional at Heritage Senior Living

“With memory care, you can’t be a good advocate for yourself. Using the MapHabit map for pain management is the key to assessing a member's pain needs.”

Tanya Cruz

Family Care Partner

“MapHabit has helped my brother enjoy life. [He] had a stroke in 2010 [which] left him paralyzed on the right side and caused blindness in his right eye and an inability to communicate properly due to aphasia… But, through [MapHabit], I saw an increase in his comprehension and words. Thanks MapHabit!”

Glen Allen


"I am recovering from an anoxic brain injury that happened at work. I used MapHabit to create a map that helped me erase the fear of living in a dream. I was struggling every morning when I woke up, and that map grounded everything for me."

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MapHabit for Organizations

Explore how our evidence-based solutions help individuals with IDD, TBI, autism, and those living with ADRD reclaim their independence.
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