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A proven, personalized approach to improving the quality of life and fostering independence for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), as well as individuals living with Alzheimer's Disease and related dementias (ADRD).

Our Solutions for Self-Advocates

Maphabit Advantage

Build Healthy Routines

Create daily routines that work specifically for you—whether it’s at home, school, work, or in your community—maximizing your productivity and independence.


Quality of Life Improvement

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Maphabit Advantage

Enhance Your Autonomy

Manage your tasks more effectively and independently—including time management, organization, and goal-setting—for a more structured and fulfilling life.


Independence Improvement

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Our Solutions for Care Partners

maphabit advantage

Increase Care Partner Support

Get access to tools that assist with managing routines, medication reminders, and schedules—reducing care partner anxiety to provide higher-quality support.


Reduced Care Partner Stress

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maphabit advantage

Improve Care Collaboration

Communicate and coordinate with all members of an individual’s circle of support via the MapHabit app, facilitating better collaboration and improving care outcomes.


Number of Users in Your Circle of Support

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Stories from MapHabit Users

Amanda Allen

Family Care Partner

"[My husband’s] anoxic brain injury came with a lot of struggles—the most lingering one being memory. MapHabit gave him a much-needed structured approach."

Bobbi Jo Cavazos


"MapHabit helped me learn how different each type of dementia is—all the little quirks among the different types. It’s helped me see everyone in my advocacy groups, regardless of their diagnosis, as a person first. We all have to advocate for each other as individuals—not as our diagnoses."

Jeannie Lovinggood

Family Care Partner

“I plan more, I am less stressed, and I feel more confident in taking care of my spouse. Writing down of my husband's routine in the morning helps me to realize all the work that it takes to get him ready. I became appreciative of all that I do. Being a caregiver, one does not always feel I that they are doing enough.”

Our products

MapHabit for Individuals

Get access to products designed to increase independence and improve daily life for individuals with IDD, TBI, autism, and those living with ADRD.
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