Mapping Your Path to Independence

The MapHabit platform uses scientifically proven step-by-step guides to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), as well as individuals living with Alzheimer's Disease and related dementias (ADRD) to master their daily routines.

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Approved by Therapeutic Experts, Curated For You

Access our library of 1,000+ maps covering everything from walk-throughs of daily tasks to learning resources. Use our pre-built guides, customize them with pictures and videos of your choice, or collaborate with us to create your own.

What is a Map?

Maps are step-by-step guides, accessible via tablet, mobile, or print-out, that use visual cues, audio, and video alongside clear, written instructions to help the person you support complete activities independently or with your help.

Developed for Individuals and Their Care Partners

With MapHabit, you receive tailored support—including coaching and learning maps—to enhance your quality of life.


How MapHabit Helps

Grounded in a science-backed approach to supporting individuals with IDD, autism, and TBI or those living with ADRD, MapHabit is more than “just” maps.

Personalized Maps

Use our extensive map library and customize instructions as needed, or create tailored maps. Ensure easier task completion by including personal habits and routines customized for the person you support.

Add Pictures, Video, and Audio

Adding media to each task makes it easier to follow, reducing stress and boosting successful outcomes and overall engagement.

Secure Chat

Ensure extra levels of privacy with MapHabit’s built-in secure chat. Share maps and daily goals with the whole circle of support, all in one central place.

Visual Schedules

Plan everyday tasks and set daily reminders with visual schedules that allow users to easily navigate from one task to the next.

Dedicated Guides

Our team has formulated suggested maps that help with cognitive engagement, skill development, motor skills, habit formation, and more depending on your unique needs.

Paper-Based Options

For our members who prefer paper-based products, we offer printable maps and physical booklets to support daily tasks.

Use Cases

How We Support You

MapHabit’s step-by-step audio and video guides, developed with therapeutic experts, help build skills, create routines, and foster a sense of independence for individuals with IDD, autism, or TBI and people living with ADRD.

IDD/Autism/TBI Tools

Achieve greater independence at home, work, or school and in your community.

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ADRD Tools

Help your loved ones re-build or maintain habit memory with scientifically proven maps for daily life.

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For Individuals

Increase autonomy, independence, and confidence with habit-building tools customized for you.

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For Organizations

Ensure consistent, individualized support with proactive plans, critical information, and tools at your fingertips.

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How It Works

Get Started With MapHabit

Build Healthy Routines

Support Daily Activities

Foster or Maintain Independence

Improve Quality of Life


Choose Your Solution

Pick which MapHabit bundle works best for you—we offer tablets and activity kits specific to IDD, autism, TBI, and ADRD.


Get Onboarded as a Member

Start with a simple questionnaire and let our coaches walk you through a wellness review to personalize your MapHabit journey.


Start Using MapHabit

We’ll suggest maps and programs based on your needs, but you’ll have the option to personalize as needed.


Receive Ongoing Support

Our team is here to support you every step of the way for periodic check-ins and as-needed questions. We want you to get the most you can out of MapHabit!


Hear From Our Members

Sharin G.

Family Care Partner

"MapHabit has been... an ally throughout this journey. [The platform] was—and continues to be—a great support system for my household.”

Tanya Cruz

Family Care Partner

“MapHabit has helped my brother to enjoy life. [He] had a stroke in 2010 [which] left him paralyzed on the right side and included blindness in his right eye and the inability to communicate properly due to aphasia. Through [MapHabit], I saw an increase in his comprehension and words. Thanks, Maphabit!”

Carolyn Niles

Life Enrichment Director at Heritage Senior Living

“I printed the [MapHabit quick pain assessment] map, and I… trained our care staff on what non-verbal expressions look like that show individuals experiencing pain. That pain aid assessment tool was very helpful for caregivers to support residents.”

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