Real-World Use Cases for All Users

At MapHabit, we approach intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias (ADRD) differently. Whether you’re a self-advocate, care partner, provider, or payer; our person-centered support prioritizes the individual over the condition—with results proven to increase independence and well-being.

use cases for individuals

Encouraging Self-Advocates and Care Partners

Getting a dementia diagnosis can change everything. Figuring out the best, most productive path in daily life for an individual with an intellectual disability can be overwhelming. Recovering from a traumatic brain injury can be daunting. With MapHabit, you’re not alone. MapHabit is your support partner in your journey to increased independence and well-being. Our evidence-based audio-visual cue maps give you the structure and support needed to go through everyday life.

Use Cases for Self-Advocates

Follow along a step-by-step guide for daily activities, like getting dressed or doing chores

Create tailored schedules with medication reminders, appointments, and planned events

Engage your mind and body with recommended exercises and activities

Use Cases for Care Partners

Get easily digestible information about your loved one’s condition, how to avoid care partner burnout, and more

Understand brain changes and how to support well-being with MapHabit’s personalized wellness review

Connect with the entire circle of support—including healthcare providers, other family members, etc.

uses cases for organizations

Partnering with Payers and Providers

As a healthcare payer or provider, you need assistive technology that supports compliance, helps your productivity, addresses your members’ unique needs, and provides the best possible options for support. MapHabit empowers payers and providers by supplying completely customizable audio-visual and video cue maps, complete with condition-specific activity kits and optional training sessions that lead to improved health outcomes for those in your care.

Use Cases for Payers

Go beyond basic health plans and give your members solutions tailored to their lifestyle

Work toward lower hospitalization rates by providing members with a preventative, easy-to-follow program on the MapHabit app

Communicate with your members’ circle of support via the MapHabit platform

Use Cases for Providers

See your members engagement and well-being improve by giving them step-by-step guides to increase their autonomy and self-management

Provide members and/or their care partners with educational materials relevant to their personal experience

Improve medication adherence by sending reminders and tracking medication schedules

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