MapHabit Awarded 2nd Diversity Supplement; Welcomes Janelle Gore, MPH

MapHabit, an assistive technology digital health organization designed to improve independence and quality of life, welcomes Janelle Gore, MPH, as a result of the NIA Diversity Supplement grant.
MapHabit Awarded 2nd Diversity Supplement; Welcomes Janelle Gore, MPH

ATLANTA, GA – January 23, 2024 –  MapHabit, an assistive technology digital health organization designed to improve independence and quality of life, welcomes Janelle Gore, MPH, as a result of the NIA Diversity Supplement grant (NIH Grant: 3R44AG076256-02S1).

She will assist with recruiting and enrolling research participants from populations that have been historically underrepresented in clinical research to gather data that will help MapHabit be more accessible and improve health equity. 

Gore will advise on solutions to effectively recruit, enroll, and retain participants from underrepresented populations. These solutions include creating marketing materials, attending health fairs, and word of mouth referrals, as well as aligning with social determinants of health-related programs. 

With the MapHabit research team and grant mentors Matthew Golden, Co-Founder and CEO, and Dr. Stuart Zola, PhD, Co-Founder, Gore will also develop and support research plans and solutions that enhance the diversity grant’s specific aims to better align with the diverse U.S. population. 

“I am thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with MapHabit, a company dedicated to reshaping the landscape of cognitive care in the ADRD field. The opportunity to lead in the development of innovative research empowering historically minoritized individuals facing cognitive challenges is both inspiring and humbling,” says Gore. “Together, we aim to create meaningful impact and foster a future where every individual, regardless of cognitive abilities and caregiving stressors, can lead a fulfilling and empowered life.”

Gore’s previous roles as Clinical Research coordinator with the Faith Village Research Lab at Emory university and the AlterTM program have given her extensive experience in impacting dementia-related health outcomes among African American families. She has witnessed many of the shortcomings in healthcare faced by minority groups, specifically within the black community. 


“We are proud to welcome Janelle as our second diversity supplement awardee,” Matt Golden says about MapHabit being awarded the grant. “Health equity is a huge concern in our country and MapHabit is proud to support diversity, equity and inclusion in both our mission statement and also every aspect of our operations. Janelle’s background within black faith communities will help us bring resources within trusted community settings”.

About MapHabit

MapHabit helps people with dementia, intellectual disabilities or brain injuries live out their daily lives by providing powerful visual cues that help them complete tasks we take for granted. Our technology platform allows any caregiver to easily create and share content that builds or maintains independence and share that content with their care team and anyone else on the MapHabit platform.

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